4 tips to make your duck meat smell way better

There is no doubt that duck meat is very delicious, specially if cooked correctly. Many people have issues with duck meat due to its odor. Well, if you know how to get rid of the smelly aroma, you can enjoy a very healthy and tasty meal. Here are some useful tips for removing fishy odor from duck.

You can apply these tips if you are going to cook boneless duck breast:

  1. Take your time in washing:

You can’t skip this step because washing the meat properly will reduce the odor. You can begin with washing the skin and removing any forgotten feathers. These small hairs could cause the undesired aroma. Don’t forget rinsing the inside and the tail of your duck.

But be careful while doing so as you might spread bacteria over the kitchen sink. Washing your hands and the used surfaces right after washing the duck is necessary for eliminating contamination.

  1. Use some spices and herbs:

There are some powerful herbs and spices that can help you make the most of your duck before and during cooking. For instance, you can apply some ginger powder on your duck inside and out. Then simply rinse it with water. This trick can help in removing the unattractive odor.  Using crushed leaves of papaya can do the deed too. You can make use of vinegar and salt combo. Together they can make your duck pristine.No matter what you are going to use  just don’t forget rinsing.

  1. Lemons can do wonders

Use some lemon juice to freshen things up. The aroma of citrus can take care of the usual duck odor. Apply the juice on the surface of the duck and leave there for about half an hour. Now your duck is good to be cooked. But before boiling, don’t forget to cut your duck into pieces according to your desire.

  1. Spice things up when boiling

When it comes to boiling a duck, you shouldn’t hesitate in using your spices. And no an onion alone will  not do the deed. You can add lemongrass, cloves, juniper, black pepper, salt and bay leaf. Some people like adding crushed orange leaves to the boiling water. It important to use spices moderately in order not to ruin the overall taste of the meat. Adding fresh  vegetables to the water is also a preferred by many people. You can add a fresh carrot and a tomato to the water to while boiling. You can’t use the whole carrot, so make sure to cut it into smaller pieces.

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