Beautiful Coffee Cup Lids — Style and Simplicity

A well-chosen lid is an invariable attribute of any paper cup, especially regarding takeaway coffee. A high-quality lid will not allow you to accidentally spill the drink during transportation, increase the convenience of drinking coffee, and become an exquisite decoration for a disposable cup.

Depending on the style and design of the cup, you can choose from classic white or premium black. For customers, a lid with an open piping pan is perfect. For those who want to emphasize the establishment’s status, it is recommended a lid with a valve that allows you to close the pit hermetically.

Where to use it?

You can use coffee cup lids in different places:

  • Automatic machines with coffee drinks;
  • Coffee and tea at gas stations;
  • Takeaway drinks in cafés, restaurants, culinary, and fast food outlets;
  • Coffee breaks and food outlets at cultural events.

The use of sustainable lids can be turned into a unique selling proposition by introducing customers to the cause of environmental care. Furthermore, the company name or logo can be applied to the lids by embossing or pad printing.

How to choose the right coffee cup lid?

The main thing to focus on is the diameter of the neck of the cup. Most classic 250ml disposable coffee cups have a neck diameter of 80 mm. In this size, you can buy black and white caps. For drinks with a volume of 330 ml, the neck diameter can be either 80 or 90 mm. And more giant cups (400-500 ml) are almost always designed to use a 90 mm lid.

Shapes of the cups

The second factor you should pay attention to is the shape of a hole through which you can drink without removing the lid from the cup. The classic shape is the open hole: these lids are cheaper, but there is a high chance of splashing the contents, for example, when transporting a paper cup of coffee in a car. An excellent solution to this problem was the appearance of a lid with a drinker closed by a valve. Visually, it resembles a petal that needs to be folded back to drink a refreshing drink. Then this petal can be folded back. Consequently, the cup with the lid will become almost airtight. Of course, if you turn it over, the coffee will pour out. Still, the lid with the valve perfectly protects against accidental splashes.

Color matters

And finally, the third factor is the color of the lid. The classic color is white, which successfully combines with a cup of almost any design. Or premium black, with a hint of sophistication. The black lid with a drinking bowl has been gaining popularity in recent years and, perhaps, will overtake the white one.

Lids for disposable cups are usually purchased separately — they are different, and you need to select for each situation. For hot drinks, it is advisable to use only cups and lids made of special plastic — polystyrene (otherwise, due to a chemical reaction, harmful substances can pass into the hot liquid). Standard flat lids do not have unique properties: models for cold drinks usually have a convenient cross-shaped hole for a straw.

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